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Jay Beckenstein
Saxophones, Lyricon

Tom Schuman

Eli Konikoff

Kim Stone

Chet Catallo

Dave Samuels
Vibraphone, Marimba

Gerardo Velez


  • Shaker Song (6:57) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Serpent in Paradise (5:52) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Heliopolis (11:12) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Harbor Nights (6:52) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Conversations (8:16) - Tom Schuman
  • Schu'S Blues (4:36) - Tom Schuman
  • Morning Dance (5:25) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Islands in the Sky (6:21) - Jeremy Wall
  • Sea Biscuit (5:22) - All Members
  • Latin Streets (7:58) - Jorge D'Alto/Gerardo Velez


Recorded LIVE in Florida-November 17-19, 1983
Audio Recording by:
Le Mobile

Michael Barry, Guy Charbonneau

Assistant Engineers:
John Penzotti, Cliff Bonnell

Mixed at:
BearTracks Recording Studio, New York

Assisstant Engineer:
John Penzotti

Mastered by:
Bob Ludwig at MasterDisk, New York City

Additional Info, Musicians or Vocalists:


Jay Beckenstein played Yamaha alto and soprano saxophones.

Tom Schuman played a Yamaha CP-70, Memory Moog, Multi-Moog, Yamaha GS-2, ProphetV, Moog Liberation and DynaRhodes.

Chet Catallo played a Gibson 335, Gibson 347 and a Gibson Classical guitar.

Kim Stone played a Fender Jazz Bass, an Aria electric bass and a hundred-year-old 3/4 scale acoustic bass.

Eli Konikoff played on a custom Yamaha drum kit with Zildjian cymbals.

Dave Samuels played a Musser Pro 55 vibraphone and a custom Musser 250 marimba.

Gerardo Velez played Latin Percussion congas, timbales and hand-held percussion instruments.

These performances were recorded in Gainesville, St.Petersburg and Orlando on Studer recorders.