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Down the Wire »— 2009

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Jay Beckenstein

Tom Schuman

Julio Fernandez

Scott Ambush

Bonny B
Drums, Percussion, Vocals


  • Down The Wire - Scott Ambush
  • Unspoken - Julio Fernandez
  • Not For Nothin' - Tom Schuman
  • Island Pond - Jay Beckenstein
  • The Tippin' Point - Jay Beckenstein/Tom Schuman
  • Ice Mountain - Bonny Bonaparte
  • A Flower for Annie Jeanette - Scott Ambush
  • La Zona Rosa - Jay Beckenstein
  • What It Is - Julio Fernandez
  • A Distant Memory - Jay Beckenstein/Tom Schuman
  • Make It Mine - Bonny Bonaparte


Produced by: Jay Beckenstein

"Not For Nothin'" "A Distant Memory" "The Tippin' Point" & "Roppongi Blues" co-produced by Tom Schuman

"Make It Mine" and "Ice Mountain" co-produced by Tom Schuman and Bonny B.

"Unspoken" & "What It Is" co-produced by Julio Fernandez

"Down The Wire" & "A Flower for Annie Jeanette" co-produced by Scott Ambush

Executive Producer: Dave Love

Basic recording at Inner Machine Studios, Buffalo, NY

Engineers: Mike Brylinski & Justin Rose

Additional Recording At: Twin Pines Studio, Pomona, NY and Schubox Music, Las Vegas, NV

Mixed & Mastered By: Martin Walters at Big Time Audio, Jonesboro, TN

Management: Phil Brennan

Cover: Phil Brennan

Individual Images © chrisharvey and © Sean Gladwell - Fotolia.com

Photography & Design By: Robert Hoffman

Product Manager: Natalie Singer

Additional Info, Musicians or Vocalists:

Additional Musicians & Vocalists:

Marc Quiñones - Percussion on "La Zona Rosa"

Gerardo Velez - Percussion on "Unspoken" & "A Flower for Annie Jeanette" Horn section on "La Zona Rosa"

Don Harris - Trumpet

Bill Harris - Tenor Sax & Flute

Ozzie Melendez - Trombone