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Road Scholars »— 1998

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  • Heart Of The Night (6:41) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Breakfast At Igor's (7:20) - Jay Beckenstein/Scott Ambush
  • Morning Dance (4:16) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Shaker Song (10:15) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Shanghai Gumbo (6:28) - Julio Fernandez
  • Innocent Soul (6:28) - Tom Schuman
  • South American Sojourn (5:36) - Joel Rosenblatt
  • Ariana (6:07) - Jeremy Wall
  • De La Luz (8:24) - Julio Fernandez
  • Daddy's Got A New Girl Now (6:01) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Best Friends (4:04) - Scott Kreitzer/Randy Andos
  • Special Delivery - Jay Beckenstein


Recorded on location across the USA, March - October 1997

Mixed by:
Doug Oberkircher at BearTracks Recording Studio, Suffern, NY

Assistant Engineer:
Iain Fraser

Mastered by:
Scott Hull at Masterdisk, New York, NY

Production Manager/Lighting Director:
John Caron

House Sound Engineer:
Al Oestreich

Monitor Engineer/Tape Operator:
Bill Heinzlmeir

Drum Tech:
Dave Clarke

Additional Info, Musicians or Vocalists:

Tech Talk:

These performances were recorded utilizing synchronized Tascam DA-38 digital recorders in a rack designed and built by Accurate Audio of Rochester, NY. For each show, we recorded thirty-two pre-EQ tracks direct from the stage fed through a modified Crest Century LM20 monitor console .This live digital multi-track recording was then transferred in the studio to analog master tape on Studer A-820's from which it was mixed using a Focusrite console.

Jay Beckenstein played Yamaha YAS-62 and YSS-62 Professional Series saxophones with Van Doren 3 1/2 reeds.

Tom Schuman played a Kurzweil PC-88 MIDIed to a Korg Wavestation SR, a Roland D-50 MIDIed to an Emu E64 a Yamaha DX-7 MIDIed to aKorg M1R and a Korg Prophecy keyboard.

Julio Fernandez played a Washburn MG122ES electric guitar and a Ronaldo custom electric guitar through a Fender Prososonic Amp using the following effects: Rocktron Voodoo Valve Preamp/Multi effects rack, Vox Wahwah pedal, Boss Overdrive, Digital Delay & EQ Pedals, TC Electronics Chorus Pedal and ADA MIDI Control Pedal using a Whirlwind Custom Switching Box. Julio also played a Washburn C104SCE Classical electric guitar.

Joel Rosenblatt played a Tama Starclassic Maple drum kit with Attack heads, Hart Dynamic Triggers, Zildjian cymbals and Vater Power 5A sticks. Joel also played a Dominican percussion instrument called a cajon.

Scott Ambush played an Ambush Custom five string bass featuring Bartolini pickups and electronics. Scott plays through an Eden Navigator Preamp, Eden WT800 amp and 410 XT cabinet . Scott also played an Azola Bug Bass Electric Upright.

All guitars and basses use Dean Markley strings.

Our grateful acknowledgement goes out to ElectroVoice microphones for their assistance.