Spyro Gyra »— 1978

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Jay Beckenstein - Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophone, Percussion

Jeremy Wall - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog, Arp Odyssey, Arp String Ensemble, Hammond Organ, Percussion

Jim Kurzdorfer- Bass

Tom Walsh - Drums, Percussion

Umbopha Emile Latimer - Congas, Percussion


  • Shaker Song (4:49) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Opus d' Opus (5:08) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Mallet Ballet (5:11) - Jeremy Wall
  • Pygmy Funk (5:34) - Jeremy Wall
  • Cascade (3:12) - Jeremy Wall
  • Leticia (6:10) - Jeremy Wall
  • Mead (4:00) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Paula/Paw Prints (4:01) - Jay Beckenstein
  • Galadriel (4:55) - Jeremy Wall


Produced By: Jay Beckenstein and Richard Calandra for Crosseyed Bear Productions, Inc., Buffalo, New York
Assisted By: Jeremy Wall
Arranged by: Jeremy Wall and Jay Beckenstein
Recording Engineer: Chuck Madden
Mix Engineers: Lawrence Swist, Craig Bishop, and Assistant Jim Bonnefond
Editing: Rusty Payne
Studios:House of Music, W. Orange, New Jersey; Mark Studios, Clarence, New York; Blue Rock Studios, New York City, New York
Editing and Mastering: CBS New York City, New York
Additional Mix Equipment: Courtesy, Unistage Inc.

Additional Info, Musicians or Vocalists:

Rubens Bassini - Congas ("Shaker Song", "Cascade", "Leticia")

David Samuels - Marimba and Tabla("Shaker Song" and "Pygmy Funk")

Tom Schuman - Mini Moog ("Mead"), Piano ("Paula"), Fender Rhodes ("Paw Prints")

"Fast" Freddy Rapillo - Guitar ("Mallet Ballet," "Pygmy Funk","Leticia", "Paw Prints", "Galadriel")

Greg Millar - Guitar (Shaker Song", "Opus D'Opus", "Cascade", "Mead")

Rick Bell - Trombone (Opus D'Opus")

Tony Garusso - Trumpet ("Leticia")

Fred Marshall - Trombone ("Leticia")